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Expertise and commitment with the ability to listen and ask the right questions

For 30+ years, we have designed and created solutions together with our customers by listening to their requirements and supplying solutions that optimise their processes and give them a competitive advantage.

Cleaning systems

Get optimal and consistent cleaning quality with an energy-efficient KSN parts cleaning solution built with our extensive expertise and industry-leading technologies.

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Test systems

Ensure product spec compliance or facilitate development processes with a simple or state-of-the-art KSN test rig solution for motors, pumps, valves, and hydraulics.

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Robots & automation

Optimise processes, costs, and time with a KSN robot or automation solution. A flexible solution designed to eliminate manual repetitive tasks and boost production capacity.

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Custom machines

Get a cost-effective KSN solution that meets your requirements when no standard machine will, based on our thinking-out-of-the-box approach and industry experience.

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Got a challenge? We can create a solution together

A solution is only good enough if it delivers the quality you require and fits your process flow. Tell us about your challenges and requirements, and let’s create a solution together.

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3000 machines installed since 1988

20 countries served with KSN solutions

40 apprentices educated at KSN

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Getting the job done right. Unbeatable quality and performance. A pragmatic approach to innovation. These are some of the values that have made us a trusted partner to high-profile industry customers since 1988.

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