Doing our bit

Climate change affects all of us, but we can all contribute to protecting our environment and climate.  


Improve the sustainability of your operations

We are working every day to reduce the impact of our facilities in Bjerring, and we can help you improve the sustainability of your operations through our energy-efficient solutions and expert service offerings. We can’t save the planet on our own, but we can all do our bit.


Solutions that make a difference

Energy efficiency by design

We design our solutions to use as little oil, water, cleaner, and power as possible. When you order a KSN solution, you can rest assured that you are getting an energy-efficient addition to your facility, whether you are buying a cleaning system, test rig, robot solution, or custom machine. It’s in our DNA.

Optimisation and monitoring

Minimising consumption

Optimised, well-serviced equipment runs more efficiently, minimising energy consumption and emissions. Our service offerings help you keep your KSN solution in peak condition – and continuously monitor its performance and consumption to identify potential for improvement.

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Automated energy savings

Lights that dim automatically when no one’s around. Thermostat control. These are just two of the ways that the building management system at our facilities in Bjerring helps us reduce energy consumption. It saves us some money, but more importantly it reduces carbon emissions from our activities.



100% green power

Manufacturing industrial equipment requires a lot of power but we have taken steps to ensure that power is green: All electricity used at our facilities in Bjerring comes from wind turbines, as certified by our RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificate from our power provider.

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