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Cleaning solutions for your specific requirements

No two cleaning applications are the same, and when you need a solution that fulfils your specific layout, workflow, and cleaning requirements, a standard machine may not always be sufficient. With a customised KSN cleaning system, you get a solution that is carefully tailor-made just for you.

Our process

Building the machine is the easy part

We can design and build machines that can clean virtually everything. The challenge is to give you exactly what you need. We have defined a process for fulfilling your requirements, from identifying and specifying your demands to designing, engineering, and building a solution that meets those demands – and keeps running for years.

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KSN make cleaning systems after your specific needs


Modular machine design for high performance

A customised KSN cleaning system can include a wide range of features, technologies, and solutions. We combine them into a modular high-performance solution that fulfils your requirements based on our experience of what works best, and on your preferences.

Spray cleaning/rinsing

From low to high-pressure spray wash to achieve precision cleaning on surfaces and in holes

Immersion cleaning/rinsing

Wide range of immersion solutions including turbulence and oscillation cleaning

Ultrasound cleaning

Efficient inline and standalone ultrasound cleaning for demanding cleaning requirements


Energy optimised and highly efficient hot-air drying systems

Vacuum drying

For complex and temperature-sensitive parts

Conveyor systems

Belt conveyors, rotary washing drums, and custom-designed fixture solutions


Filters and oil separators for prolonging the lifetime of cleaning and rinsing water

Pick & Place and automation

Automated handling of parts and integration in your production lines

Monitoring and control

PLC-based control systems with HMI touch panels for process overview, energy metering, and remote diagnostics


Energy efficiency by design

We design all our customised solutions to use as little water, cleaner, and power as possible. When you order a KSN solution, you can rest assured that you are getting an energy-efficient addition to your facility. It is in our DNA.

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Making life easier for your service technicians

We design our machines for easy repair and maintenance, for example with service doors that provide quick access to key parts. We have carried out hundreds of service inspections worldwide since 1988, and we use that experience to make life easier for the service technicians who will handle your machine.

Our service offerings


The Basics

The principles of cleaning

All cleaning processes involve four parameters: temperature, time, chemistry, and mechanics. Read more about the fundamental principles of cleaning, and how our cleaning solutions are designed to combine the four parameters efficiently.

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ksn cleaning systems give you a more effective cleaning due to our balancing of the four sinners circle principles.


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