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We create solutions together with you

No matter which KSN solution is in focus, we follow the same process and work with you to identify your needs and fulfil them. Discover our process for creating solutions together with you.

Discover our process for creating solutions together with you.

First contact

No matter how we meet, our first contact is always the starting point that sets the stage for the collaborative development process that follows.

Technical product specification

Together, we clarify your needs and generate ideas for fulfilling them. What do you need from us, and how can we help you? We listen, we ask the right questions, and we draw on our extensive project experience and technology expertise to outline a possible solution for you.

Quotation and order

Based on the technical product specification, we provide you with a quotation for a solution that fulfils your requirements. Our quotations are detailed and specify what is included and what isn’t – with no surprises. If needed, we revise the quotation based on dialogue and technical revisions.

Design, engineering,
and manufacturing

We design your solution, carry out design reviews, and engineer and manufacture your solution at our facilities. We coordinate with suppliers and hold status meetings. Risk assessments and quality control are integral parts of this project phase, and we conclude with a factory acceptance test (FAT).


We arrange for efficient transportation of the finished and tested solution to the destination you specify. We handle all necessary documentation and work with reliable logistics partners to make sure your equipment arrives safely and on time at its destination.


Once the equipment has arrived safely, we can install the solution at your place of business, carry out commissioning, and perform a site acceptance test (SAT). We provide all necessary documentation such as user manuals, and we provide the necessary training for your operators.


Once your KSN solution is running, adding value and giving you a competitive edge, we help you make the most of your investment with rapid service, parts, monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance.

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Expertise and commitment. And the ability to listen and ask the right questions.

For 30+ years, we have designed and created solutions together with our customers by listening to their requirements and supplying solutions that optimise their processes and give them a competitive advantage.

Cleaning systems

Get optimal and consistent cleaning quality with an energy-efficient KSN parts cleaning solution built with our extensive expertise and industry-leading technologies.

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Test systems

Ensure product spec compliance or facilitate development processes with a simple or state-of-the-art KSN test rig solution for motors, pumps, valves, and hydraulics.

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Robots & automation

Optimise processes, cost, and time with a KSN robot or automation solution designed to eliminate manual repetitive tasks and boost production capacity.

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Custom machines

Get a cost-effective KSN solution that meets your requirements when no standard machine will, based on our thinking-out-of-the-box approach and industry experience.

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